Best Web Designers in Oklahoma City 2013: And We’re In The Top Five

Thanks, OKC BIZ readers, for selecting us as one of your five top web designers in Oklahoma City. We’ve come a long way (and many miles) since opening our doors in Duluth, Minnesota in 2006. As a transplant to Oklahoma City, we are truly humbled, and we deeply appreciate your support and recognition of our work.

We enjoy living and working in Oklahoma City and we love being a part of this community. We get to partner with some of the greatest small businesses and non-profits in and around Oklahoma. We love what we do, and I guess you all agree that it shows in our work.

So thanks, OKC, for thinking of us!

You’ll find the other four best website design companies in Oklahoma City, and other OKC BIZ finalists for Best of Business 2013, at The Best Web Designer will be announced at a luncheon on April 26.

And a special treat, for you historians: here’s what our website looked like back when we began in 2006.