Duluth Website Design Review from James Stauber

When Duluth, Minnesota resident James Stauber decided to run for St Louis County Commissioner, 2nd District, he knew he needed a website. But with a list of other tasks to complete, he knew he needed to engage someone who could produce quality web design with little direction.

Stauber wanted a site that would allow voters to not only educate themselves on his background and stance on issues that impacted the district, but one that would allow them to find that information efficiently. It was essential that the site was impressive and that it was completed quickly, without much instruction – campaigns take a lot of the candidate’s time, after all. While Stauber had some basic ideas about the content, layout, and design, he required a web design team that could take those concepts and craft them into a compelling website. Having worked with Set Sail Media on previous websites for his City Council and Mayoral campaigns in Duluth, MN, Stauber again contacted them for assistance.

“During a campaign, there are a lot of things to think and worry about,” said Stauber. “The website was not on that list, thanks to Patrick.”

Set Sail Media immediately got to work. Equipped with some printed materials and knowledge of their client’s needs, they created www.VoteStauber.us. However, the partnership between Set Sail and Stauber didn’t stop there. Throughout the campaign, changes and updates were made quickly, sometimes even surprising Stauber himself.

“As people and media outlets had something positive to say about me, Patrick was on it and added either the quotes or a link. He had stuff I hadn’t even seen on there,” said Stauber.

Describing Patrick as “personable”, “responsive”, and “genius”, Stauber says he was pleased with the service he experienced. “Overall, he more than met my needs. He did stuff I didn’t know you could do. He is the expert at this,” he said. Would he choose Set Sail Media again? Yes, of course he would. “He gets it done, done right, and on time. I probably wouldn’t even think of looking elsewhere. Set Sail is the only organization I would recommend.”