Duluth Website Design Review from LightSpeed Running

When you have a company that appeals to a wide range of demographics, you need a website that can do the same. That’s exactly what LightSpeed Running, located in Duluth, Minnesota, was looking for when they were developing their website. A mutual contact recommended they consider working with Set Sail Media to complete that vision.

LightSpeed Running provides Body Weight Support Systems for a variety of uses from physical therapy and rehabilitation to athletic training. Due to the fact that their audience was vast, they needed a website that was user-friendly and easy to navigate, while still providing thorough information on the product. But simplicity didn’t mean sacrificing style: they also wanted the site to be eye-catching and designed with their logo in mind.

Working closely with LightSpeed Running’s copy writer, Set Sail Media created content to improve the site’s rank in search engines and make sure it was easily found. Utilizing a color palette of grey, white, and blue, matching the colors found in the company’s logo, against a crisp black background, Set Sail Media designed a site that was clean, well-defined, and classy.

LightSpeed Running was pleased with the resulting site and with Set Sail Media. They praised the quick turnaround and customer service, stating that they were “professional” and “excellent” and that they plan to continue to work with them in the future.