Mobile Phone Website Development

ionOKLAHOMA Custom Mobile WebsiteConsumers, especially younger ones, engage the web in new ways. People are no longer tied to a desk and wired internet connection; they’re on their iPhones, Blackberrys and other mobile devices.

Chances are, more and more people are engaging your website from a mobile device. They might be trying to find your hours on their tablet at home; they might be driving and need your address; they might be searching for a store near them. Is your website optimized for mobile consumption?

We will create a rich, interactive version of your website for phones with modern browsers, like Apple and Google Android phones. We also design a lite version of your website designed with simplified coding for older or less capable devices. Both versions are optimized for fast loading, and contain a highly condensed format of your full website. We can identify what device and browser your visitor is using, and send them to the appropriate version.

$450-750 for a typical mobile site

A five-section mobile site (five tabs or pages beyond the homepage) is sufficient for most small businesses and organizations. A mobile visitor is likely on the go, so just the most important pieces of your website are available. And, there’s always a quick link to switch to the full version.